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I absolutely love New York City, I always have.  In fact I’m stuck in Cleveland right now on my way to New York City. There is just something about a big city bursting with people and things to do…and pictures just waiting to be taken :0) These pictures are from my trip in September, yes that was a while ago but I had an unexpected burst in my photography which meant my personal photos got pushed to the side.

I hope you enjoy these and hopefully I will have some more from this trip soon!….and maybe some new gear?  (I have to say I was in the airport waiting for my first flight and I had a moment where I thought I forgot my camera and my hear skipped a beat.)

On Saturday I was able to take pictures of my cousins Jackie and Colson.  They are both adorable and Jackie really worked well with Colson.  I think she could be a little model for Justice.

I hope you enjoy!

So I had my first experience with shooting with more than 2 children and it was definitely interesting, especially when one is a toddler. But I think they all turned out good and I was happy in the end.

Check back for the pictures of my cousins Jackie and Colson that I took today!!

Two weekends ago I was able to meet up with Melanie and spend about 2 hours taking her senior pictures.  I was a little nervous because the trees were starting to look a little bare but it turned out to be a beautiful day and I think I got some good shots!

Hello I’m Cassady and welcome to the Cassady K Photography blog! I’m excited to introduce my photography and share the storied behind them.  So I hope you’ll follow along as I explore what I can do with my camera!

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Check back soon for Melanie’s senior pictures!